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Christiaan Muller – Berlin / Lisbon

Powerpoint Presentation Designer

As an expert freelance presentation designer, I help CEO´s, Marketing Managers and Entrepreneurs in creating PowerPoint presentations that allow them to present confidently and keeping their audiences engaged. I create effective master templates and layouts following corporate design, which will make it easier and quicker to create presentations.


Design Match

You are repurposing a presentation with established design aesthetics

Includes Template Adjustments

new design

New Design

You’re starting from scratch with little or no established design aesthetics

Includes Mini-Template


PPT Templates

You need a large template so you & your team can produce multiple decks.

Full, Robust Template

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Completely integration with a Corporate Design.

Annexushealth Template


Innovative healthcare template for a fast-growing company.

Blacklane Präsentationsdesign, PowerPoint Vorlage


Practical master layouts.
Modern and lifelike imagery.

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