Unique PowerPoint presentations from a professional designer

With the help of a freelance PowerPoint designer, you will be involved throughout the entire process, and we will work together to achieve the optimal result.

Whether you need a visual presentation to support your speech or a thoroughly researched presentation filled with facts and figures, I will design a PowerPoint presentation that looks exactly as you envisioned it.

Pflitsch PowerPoint Template

Transform Complicated Data into Attractive Presentations

I convert intricate technical data into compelling slideshow presentations that enhance the impact of your message on your desired audience.

Clearscore Investor Presentation Statistics

Unlock the Power of Visual Storytelling in Your Presentations with the Expertise of a Freelance PPT Designer

Trying to create a visually appealing and powerful PowerPoint presentation can be resource-intensive, especially when you already have a heavy workload. You may have prepared a presentation already, but it may be filled with paragraphs of text or endless bullet points, lacking the visual elements to support your message. Creating a presentation that matches your vision can often be a complex matter unless you have a freelance PPT designer by your side.

As a designer, I create professional PowerPoint presentations to deliver outstanding, customized, and uniquely designed themes. I prioritize accuracy, quality, aesthetics, and layout. With thorough design skills, years of experience, and a creative vision, I develop highly stylized and individually tailored visual sales materials. As a PowerPoint expert, I keep up-to-date with design technologies, trends, and developments.

Communicate your content memorably

To be heard

Together, we dive deep into your company goals, brand, target audience, and content to capture the most important elements for you.

Custom graphics

Enhance your core messages with custom, animated visuals to bring your story to life.

Excellent results

Communicate your content effectively and memorably with custom images and animations in PowerPoint templates to achieve desired results.

Compliance with corporate guidelines

I incorporate brand guidelines and highlight your corporate identity in both text and images with my expertise.

Industry standard

Using industry standards means that your team can make quick and easy changes to their presentation after handover.

Creative support

Utilize my skills as a graphic designer to receive creative ideas and transform text slides into stunning graphics.

Redesign of your slides

Based on your current presentation, I identify the key messages and apply my design skills to refresh your story, giving you a new and fresh presentation that is perfectly tailored to your needs with a customized presentation design solution.

EnergiWende Sustainability Presentation Template Cover
EnergiWende Layout 1
EnergiWende Layout 2