Unique PowerPoint presentations from a professional designer.

With the help of a freelance PowerPoint designer, you will be involved throughout the entire process, and we will work together to achieve the optimal result. Whether you need a visual presentation to support your speech or a thoroughly researched presentation filled with facts and figures, I will design a PowerPoint presentation that looks exactly as you envisioned it.

Presentation Design, Communication Design, Branding, Illustration, Animation


As a freelance PowerPoint designer, I began my career in London in 2015. Since then, I have worked for a variety of clients in the UK, Germany, and the USA. My expertise lies in designing creative and professional presentation templates, as well as revising and optimizing existing ones. I have a master’s degree in communication design, which means I am broadly trained and have experience working with various media. This includes an understanding of marketing, media, and project management. My academic training has given me a deep understanding of visual communication, as well as a broad range of skills in conceiving, designing, and executing creative projects.

Christiaan Muller Freelance Presentation Designer