Christin Ritter

Group Head New Business | MediaCom

‘Chris is a dedicated and experienced PowerPoint designer, we had the pleasure of working with on various occasions. His work is clean, precise and the designs professional and mature. Within his work he takes the extra mile and proactively engages with the team. Hence, he not only fits in as a good craftsman but indeed as a team member. The option to have him on the ground made a true difference. Also, to involve him at an early stage within the projects has proven as an accelerator for success. We are looking forward to working with him on future projects to come.’

Marc Arroyo, Norbert Richard Meinike

Design Lead | Director of Marketing | Blacklane

‘Working together with Chris feels very uncomplicated and fun. He is a smart professional with great presentation design skills that understands and turns constraints into challenges and delivers perfect presentation templates. He is very adaptable, transparent and efficient and he has great taste in electronic music.’

Baret Mihranian

Presentation Manager | Design Bridge 

‘Chris was quick and efficient at building PowerPoint templates. We collaborated well to come up with solutions to problems when trying to express a design intent into a PowerPoint template. I would definitely use Chris again.’

Laura Heaton

Global Associate Design Director | MediaCom

‘Professional, hardworking and great communication skills.’