Custom PowerPoint templates for a visually outstanding presentation

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Among my corporate presentation design services, I offer custom PowerPoint templates for your business. You will get a powerful tool to save resources and to improve the appearance of your presentations, in line with the company’s corporate image. My custom PowerPoint designs will help you to present your most impressive self when you share your work with the world.

Custom-made templates in line with your visual identity

My PPT templates are custom-made to give your company a boost to internal productivity and to strengthen the brand identity. With key brand elements embedded, sample slides and template instructions, the entire team can create a professional presentation with unique custom PowerPoint themes.

PowerPoint is a fantastic tool that produces impressive results. With the assistance of a presentation designer you can kick-start your presentation with a professional-looking design. From there, all you have to worry about is to fill your presentation with excellent content. Custom PowerPoint presentations come very handy in business and you can use them to create a more memorable and professional image of your company. My custom office templates give you access to numerous features provided by PowerPoint, so you get an effective and eye capturing presentation that reflects your corporate image.

The key benefits of a PowerPoint template

If you’re looking for a speedy and easy-to-use office presentation, my custom PowerPoint templates provide you with a tailored design and a perfect layout.

industry standard

Speed and easy to use

It takes plenty of time to create a high-quality presentation. Save your resources and boost your productivity with a functional custom office template that avoids your team having to design their own PowerPoint slides. With my templates you can create visual slides in minutes. My designs are not only beautiful, they are also powerful and user-friendly. The custom office templates will make PowerPoint presentations simple and easy for everyone.


Tailored design

I use your branding and visual identity as bases of my work. When creating your custom PowerPoint template, I design the office presentation with consistency, using set colour options, colour themes and typography.

My custom office templates are not just copies in a different screen format. I incorporate the particular screen settings and consider if it is a presentation in 16:9 or 4:3. So you will get design templates that are filled with a rich visual context that facilitates the viewer’s understanding process.

A PowerPoint presentation with a mixture of different styles joined throughout is never a good way to present your business. You definitely need a PPT presentation that has a similar style, from the beginning to end. Benefit from my professional skills as a freelance PowerPoint designer to get a consistent design scheme to avoid sudden transitions. Keeping your presentations on-brand and in line with the rest of your visual identity will make you look more professional. I keep all the visuals consistent throughout your presentations and your company.

The perfect layout

I create a variety of layout options for your custom PowerPoint templates, which you can choose from depending on the purpose of the particular slide.

A layout usually contains the space for the content display and the title of your slide, but is definitely not limited to that. With a presentation designer by your side we will find the ideal solution for your business.


Easy to share

By using my custom PowerPoint template design you can create suitable presentations that will make your sharing process very simple.

personalised guidance

Personalised guidance

My professional office presentation templates come with an easy-to-use guidebook.  It indicates the best handling of your PowerPoint presentation with step-by-step instructions. Furthermore it allows you to maintain the integrity of slides and gives an additional help on any key features build into your presentation.

This way, it’s simple for your company to work with it and to get the most out of your custom PowerPoint template.

custom shaped image placeholder

Custom-shaped image placeholders

I develop custom-made shapes for placing your images in line with your brand.

You probably are familiar with image placeholders in simple rectangular or square shapes. Be outstanding: An unconventional framing of your image can elevate and add excitement to your professional PowerPoint presentation or template.

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