Convert InDesign files to PowerPoint without loss of quality

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Convert your InDesign presentations to PowerPoint maintaining the same quality and layout: As a professional PowerPoint designer I use the layouts that you have created for your business or client to develop properly-built and fully functional PowerPoint templates – including themes and graphics.

Custom InDesign to PowerPoint conversions for your business – accurate down to the last detail

Many of my clients are design-companies and they share a common problem: They create beautiful projects in InDesign, but their end-clients want to be able to modify texts, exchange images, and create completely new slides on their own. Take advantage of my professional presentation design services and let me convert your InDesign file to PowerPoint without loss of quality.

My background as a communication designer and my specialisation in freelance presentation design provide me with deep knowledge of Adobe InDesign and Microsoft PPT. Working from the perspective of both programmes enables me to consider every detail and all of your needs in my task as a professional InDesign to PowerPoint converter. Many years of experience working with Microsoft PowerPoint and my professional activity as a graphic designer provide me with the necessary practice to fully take care of the design and functionality of your templates. This allows you to invest your time on the tasks that really matter to you: the content of your presentation, customer care or design.

I look carefully through the layout and details of the InDesign presentation during the conversion process to PowerPoint, maintaining the layout in the resulting file. When I work on a conversion project, I start with a clean PPT file, building up the master layouts based on the structure of the InDesign document. I convert text, fonts, frames, linking information, tables, graphics, master pages, layouts and other InDesign elements to the corresponding PowerPoint formats.

Considering all of those details, I carry out an accurate conversion from InDesign to PowerPoint and you end up with a fully editable PPT presentation or template.

Isn’t there a quick and easy option to convert InDesign to PPT?

There is an option in Adobe Acrobat DC to save a PDF as a PowerPoint file. On the first glance, it might look good, but the output is never perfect, not even close. This is due to the differences in how Adobe CC and Microsoft Office applications handle graphics. Your InDesign conversion will end up in an impractical PowerPoint template that is missing important elements such as a theme and layouts to control your content. Other issues you may run into include textboxes not being properly separated, or font substitutions. If you created your InDesign document using CMYK colours, then your PowerPoint version is going to look different, as PowerPoint uses RGB colour values.

Even though there are programs that promise cheap, or even free solutions to convert your InDesign to PPT, they will never provide you with a satisfying and professional result. If you are a designer or a professional business, a rudimentary conversion from InDesign to PPT won’t be good enough – neither for you nor your clients.

Why you should convert your InDesign files to PowerPoint professionally

Learn more about the key benefits of a custom PowerPoint template and discover its advantages:

industry standard

Speed and easy to use

Save your team time and boost productivity with a functional PowerPoint template that avoids your team members having to design their own slides.

tailored design

Tailored Design

Your branding and visual identity form the foundation of my work. When converting your InDesign file to PowerPoint, I design the presentation with consistency, using set colour themes, typography and colour options.

perfect layout

The perfect layout

Converting your InDesign to PPT, I create a variety of layout options, which you can choose from, depending on the purpose of the particular slide.

easy to share

Easy to share

By using my professional PowerPoint templates, you can create accurate presentations that make your sharing process extremely easy.

personalised guidance

Personalised guidance

My professionally designed templates come with an easy-to-use guidebook which indicates the best usage of your customized presentation and conversions with step-by-step instructions. This way it’s easy for everyone to understand how to work with it.

custom shaped image placeholder

Custom-shaped image placeholders

In line with your brand, I develop custom-made shapes for placing your images.

Will your template or presentation be my next project? Leave your details and I will contact you.