Unique PowerPoint presentations from a professional designer

PowerPoint designer for a professional appearance in all situations. Whether you are in need of a visual presentation to put special emphasis to your speech or a thoroughly researched presentation filled with facts and numbers, I will design a PowerPoint theme that looks exactly like you intended it to. We will work as a team and I will support you with my professional presentation design services. With the help of a freelance PowerPoint designer, you’ll be involved in the entire process and we will work together to achieve the best result.

Spend your time preparing your presentation rather than learning how to design it. Let a freelance PowerPoint presentation designer do the work.

You already have a heavy workload and spending valuable time on trying to develop a powerful and visually pleasing PowerPoint deck can consume a lot of resources. Maybe you already have a presentation prepared, but your slides are filled with paragraphs of text or endless bullet points and lack the visuals needed to support your message. Modelling a presentation that matches your vision can often be a complex endeavour, unless you have a freelance PPT designer on your side.

As a design freelancer I create professional PowerPoint presentations to deliver you an outstanding, customized and uniquely designed theme. I emphasize in accuracy, quality, aesthetics and layout. With thorough design skills, years of experience and a creative vision I develop highly-stylized and customized visual sales materials. As a PowerPoint expert I am always up-to-date with design technologies, trends and developments.

Key benefits of working with a freelance PowerPoint designer for a professional presentation

Working with a PowerPoint design freelancer has a lot of benefits for your company, especially if compared to ready-made solutions or collaborations with big design agencies that often lack time and resources to connect with their clients.

being heard

Being heard

I immerse myself in your business objectives, brand, target audience, and delivery method. Together, we dive deep into your content and take note of the elements that are most important to you.

tailored graphics

Tailored graphics

Boost the impact of your key messages with high-end, animated visuals made by a freelance PowerPoint presentation designer. My custom graphics are fresh, modern and complement your content. They help bring your story to life.

great results

Great results

I use custom imagery and strategic animations to help communicate your content in a more effective and memorable way. With these custom PowerPoint templates your audience will remember your message more easily and you will achieve the results you are looking for.

brand guidelines

Inclusion of corporate brand guidelines

With my expertise as a professional freelance PPT designer I make sure to include brand guidelines and emphasize your corporate identity both in writing and visuals.

industry standard

Industry standard

Industry standard means your team can easily make changes to their deck once I pass it off to you.

creative support

Creative support

Take advantage of my skills as a freelance PowerPoint designer, getting creative input to convert heavy text slides into stunning graphics.

Redesigning your slides

A PowerPoint presentation designer is what you need if you have a presentation prepared, but you want it to look more professional. You´re not satisfied with the looks and functionality of your PowerPoint theme? As a freelance presentation designer I will transform your existing slides into a professional, high quality template that meets your brand guidelines. Using your current presentation as a basis, we’ll identify the key messages and apply my design skills to revitalize your story; that way you get a new and fresh presentation.

Business presentations: events and meetings

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Your meetings are an opportunity to share your analysis, show how you think strategically and sell your solutions. With the knowledge of a freelance PPT designer this is a lot easier.

Working from source material, for example an outline or your existing presentation, I will help you persuade key decision makers with elevated slides that look appealing and are easy to understand. My PowerPoint designs are not only eye-catching; they also communicate your ideas in an engaging way to leave a lasting impression. Working from outline or source material, I will manage your content to create a powerful PowerPoint presentation that will impress the audience. Effective and simple, everyone will understand it without an effort.

Pitching your idea to investors can be a challenging task. You need to communicate your business and vision in very little time, and convince your potential investors that you’re the best business partner for them. Get the help of my freelance presentation design services to refine your story, to write impactful key messages and to design outstanding slides. This will impress and convince investors. In that way you can raise the funds you need to grow your idea into a thriving company.

Types of business PowerPoint presentations

I offer the following types of presentations for business:

  • Corporate event
  • Sales pitch
  • Start-up, pitch decks
  • Annual reports
  • Investor decks

Executives and thought leaders: leading and inspiring people

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You have great ideas and you’re in a position to lead a team or company into the next phase of growth. People trust you to deliver results and value your insights, but achieving change or action is not always easy.

As a PowerPoint design freelancer I’ll help refine your story and design high-impact presentations that support your narrative, while keeping the focus on you as a person and your message. That way, you can do what you do best as a leader and a visionary – communicate, inspire and persuade.

Types of PowerPoint presentations for leadership

To support you on your mission to inspire people with your ideas I offer the following types of presentations:

  • Vision meeting
  • New product launch
  • Strategic plan

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